Air Deccan to return with Re 1 tickets

New Delhi: The screaming headlines are back and Captain G R Gopinath must surely be smiling. The pioneer of India’s LCCs, the airlines which worked out a model to keep costs low so that airfares remain within reach of the common man, is back again with his famous fares of just Re 1. Gopinath had created a huge movement with Re 1 fares when he initiated Indians into affordable flying in 2003 through budget airline, Air Deccan. The way he stimulated the market not only encouraged other LCCs to take birth in India, it prompted them to subsequently also come up with ridiculously low fares. This, of course, eventually led to an industry mired in red ink and Deccan itself flew into history. Gopinath’s airline accumulated debt and was eventually bought by Vijay Mallya. Mallya merged Deccan with his own Kingfisher in 2008, but then we all know what eventually happened to this merged airline.

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